What is sex exactly? Let’s start with a definition:

  1. sexual activity, including specifically sexual intercourse
  2. either of the two main categories (male and female) into which humans and most other living things are divided on the basis of their reproductive functions.

Both the definitions are right and are true in relationships or marriages. Even more important both are highly important in relationships, where the sexual activity and intercourse is for the passion and bonding while the giving birth to babies is for the family planning and future of your relationship in the long run and for the pleasure of having a family.

Good sex

The truth is that many couples have a troubled relationship, simply because they don’t have sex, or don’t have enough sex or because they have bad sex ( not good sex ). While we have blog post about this ( Better relationships with Better sex ) we want to stress one more time the importance of good sex.


How to have good sex?

Well first there needs to be a connection, attraction and passion. Secondly you need to have some experience with sex, so you know what you like and what your possible partner likes. But at the end it is all about performance, so both for men and women there are sexual health supplements. For men there is Viagra to tackle the problems of erectile dysfunction and for women there is Female Viagra to help to get more excited, trust me with this she will be craving for hot long sex.

Also important with having good sex is that you are having a sex partner with a similar passion for your kind of sex. For example if you like bondage than it is important your partner has a similar passion, or if you like fetish than your partner should also have a passion for fetish, latex or leather.